Content Warnings

Readers who wish to be informed about sensitive content can find all content warnings for my work here. Please note that these may not be all-encompassing, but I have tried my best. If you have specific sensitivities, I encourage you to reach out to me via twitter or my email.


The Follower: The Follower is a YA thriller novel about a family of influencers that moves into a scary house and discovers that one of their followers is a little too attached to the property. Content warnings for suicide, death (human and animal), disfigurement, mental illness, and stalking (both in-person and online).


Short Stories

As Good As Fear:  mental illness, specifically depression, and mild fantasy horror elements.

The God of Odds and Ends:  supernatural/fantasy violence, strong themes of violence against women, and threatening male presences.

Dentata non Grata: mild body horror (as the title suggests, the story is about extra, unwanted teeth).

Screening Questionairre: mild fantasy/fantasy horror elements.